Tech 101

Technology Training Core

+ Solid technology foundation for modern recruiters +

+ Stand out in a crowd with your knowledge +

+ Short program. Big impact. Plain English +

Training Topics Include:

 Software Development Fundamentals

Different Roles on Engineering Teams

Languages, Tools, and Technologies

How to Think like a Hiring Manager

Technology Training Core is designed for technical recruiting professionals who want to enhance their results by building their core strength in technical knowledge and keeping up with the latest technologies.

You are tasked to hunt down highly technical candidates, such as web and mobile developerssoftware engineersUI/UX designersQA engineersdatabase architectsDevOps engineers, and the like. The cryptic language used by technical people in their resumes and job descriptions makes it challenging to perform your job to the best of your ability.

This course will give you a clear picture of the inner working of software development teams, tools of their trade, how they speak, and how they work in their individual roles and as a group. Using the knowledge you gain from this class, you can have intelligent and productive conversations with the technical people you come into contact with every day on the job - the hiring managers and your candidates.

This program is organized into three parts: presentationsself-paced training videos, and interactive workshops. The small-class format ensures everyone’s questions and needs get addressed.

Act Now. Here's Why

+ No more hodge podge knowledge +

+ Don't let hidden gems slip through +

+ Go beyond keywords +

+ Better job-candidate match +

+ Gain trust and respect +

The examples and analogies were very helpful in really getting a sense of what each concept means in non-technical language. Now I feel confident when looking at resumes!

- Carly Sheridan, Talent Consultant,

The teaching method was very engaging and informative. The class definitely helped me out in understanding the specific technological needs of the clients!

- Eric Melikov, Technical Recruiter, Akvelon

10 (out of 10) - so helpful! It is highly applicable knowledge and I know that I will be able to do my job better now that I have been through the class.

- Claire Briggs, Talent Acquisition Analyst, RPC Solutions

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Live online sessions: 5/23 and 5/30 (Two Thursdays)

10am-12pm Pacific Time / 1-3pm Eastern Time
Two self-paced lessons: Anytime, online
Total training time: 6+ hours