Understanding Geeks Made Simple

Geekology: The Easy Way to Learn the Geek Language

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Speak Geek
Differentiate Yourself

Trust. Rapport. Partnership.

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geek /gēk/ - A person with an eccentric devotion to scientific or technical pursuits

geekology /gēkˈäləjē/ - The study of the language, psychology, and functioning of geeks

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Technical Training Programs for Modern Recruiters

Technologies, Software Teams, and Technical Talent - All in Plain English


Get Tech Savvy

  • Learn software development process
  • Understand roles on a product development team
  • Grasp programming languages, tools and concepts


Speak Geek

  • Have intelligent conversations with technical people
  • Decode cryptic jargon and terminology
  • Go beyond keyword matching


Elevate Your Career

  • Increase both quality and quantity of candidates
  • Make smart and confident candidate selections
  • Gain recognition for your talent acquisition

Trusted by Today's Top Companies

10 out of 10. This class made me feel more confident about recruiting and talking to my engineering team.

- Laura Naegel, NetMotion Wireless

Mei is a great teacher - a lot of patience and very good at explaining things technical to non-technical people.

- Nica Siegert, Staffing Consultant, IT Recruiting, PDS Tech, Inc.

I liked how you simplified everything and helped us ‘connect the dots.’ So helpful! I feel much more knowledgeable.

- Rachel Corwin, Wetpaint

10 (out of 10). I learned so much! Very beneficial and applicable to my current (recruiting) position.

- Amanda Turpen, DoubleDown Interactive

It was surprising how much I learned and how much more prepared I feel to source and screen candidates.

- Abbie Samson, INRIX

Great class. Very informative. Mei does a good job of explaining technical terms to non-technical folks.

- Courtney Cacabelos, Ratio

Geekology is Specifically Designed for Technical Recruiting

Geekology's Targeted Training vs. Other Methods

+ Explained in plain English, easy to understand
+ Turns Google and Wikipedia into useful learning tools
+ Eases uncertainties about new technologies
- Explained in technical terms, difficult to understand
- Confusing and frustrating, not helpful or practical
- Presents new terminology that creates more confusion
+ Learning technology at just the right level
+ Clear explanations on how technologies fit together
+ Structured and focused curriculum to build a strong foundation
- Confusing, unnecessary detail for recruiting purposes
- Scattered, out-of-context information
- Unstructured and unfocused, without providing basic understanding
+ Fast, targeted learning
+ Teaches only what you need to know
+ Learn how software is made and how engineers think
- Time consuming
- Not directly applicable to recruiting
- Missing software development knowledge
+ Focused on technical knowledge for recruiting
+ Specifically designed for rechnical recruiting
+ Taught by a software engineer turned recruiter
- Focused only on general recruiting
- Generic recruiting training advice
- Programs lacking technical expertise

No More Guessing

Master Technical Recruiting from the Inside Out Today

What Makes Geekology Different

We are the only program that teaches you the technology behind technical recruiting

We help you put the “technical” in technical recruiting

  • Build the foundation of core technical knowledge
  • Gain true understanding of software engineering
  • Decode cryptic technical terms and ask revealing questions

We combine software experience and recruiting expertise

  • Make smart recruiting decisions using technical knowledge
  • Know how to think like a hiring manager
  • Have intelligent conversations with developers confidently

We know what is and isn't needed for technical recruiting

  • Cut through the tech jargon geeks use and get the gist of discussions
  • Learning computer science is a massive undertaking you don’t have time for
  • Learning programming is unnecessary for recruiting

Meet the Instructor - Mei Lu Mei Lu Linkedin Profile

Mei Lu is the Founder and CEO of Jobfully.com, a web start-up focusing on helping developers and engineers with their career planning and job search. Before starting Jobfully, Mei recruited top talent for Silicon Valley tech companies, including OpenTable, OutSpark, RockYou and TubeMogul.

Mei started her career as a software engineer, building software at Qpass, M.I.T, and MicroStrategy. She received her Master's Degree in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania and her Master's Degree in Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Choose Your Program

Technology Training Core: Technical Must-Know

For recruiters who want to differentiate themselves and stay ahead

  • Establish better client communication because you ”get it“ when you have an overall understanding of how software is made.
  • Make confident candidate selections because you develop insights when you know how different roles function and interact.
  • Build stronger relationships with the tech community because you can have intelligent conversations with geeks when you speak their language.

Technical Recruiting Strategies: Best Practices Booster

For recruiters looking to increase sourcing productivity

  • Go beyond LinkedIn to tab into more productive sources to find candidates with the right skillsets and experience to match your job requisitions.
  • Develop a candidate generation strategy and execution plan to maximize your sourcing results and save you time and energy.
  • Establish trust and rapport with technical candidates and become a true business partner of hiring managers and software teams.

*Prerequisite: Technology Training Core

Technical Recruiting Prime: 4-Week Complete Training

Training Package Combo: Technology Training Core + Technical Recruiting Strategies

  • Be a technically knowledgeable advisor and play a key role in talent strategy by understanding how your engineering team works and its talent needs.
  • Help hiring managers by reducing their recruiting work load when you learn to think like them.
  • Create business impact by scouting the right talent to drive company growth because you can spot and attract top technical candidates.

This program is valid for 10 SHRM Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM


What does Geekology mean?

A geek is a person with an eccentric devotion to scientific or technical pursuits. Geekology is the study of the language, psychology, and functioning of geeks.

Do I have to be technical to master technical recruiting?

No. Geekology makes understanding geeks simple, so you can master technical recruiting without being technical... and you can become a recruiting geek.

What is Geekology?

It's a new technical recruiting training program that gives you everything you need to know about technology, engineering teams, and technical talent - all in plain English.

How important is technical knowledge for technical recruiting?

Very. It's a core skill for technical recruiting and Geekology makes it easy for non-programmers to gain this knowledge.

What can your training do for me?

You can achieve these results:
  • Have intelligent conversations with technical people
  • Make smart candidate selections and confident decisions
  • Identify high potential candidates that aren't obvious to the untrained eye
  • Develop an effective recruiting strategy and execution plan
  • Gain recognition for your talent acquisition contribution

Why don’t most recruiters have enough technical knowledge?

Learning technology can seem overwhelming and it's difficult to know what to learn. Knowing what is and isn't needed for technical recruiting requires insight and experience from someone who understands both software development and recruiting. This is how Geekology helps recruiters with effective learning.

I'm doing alright with my recruiting. Why should I take this class now?

With Geekology, you can
  • Keep up with fast-changing technologies
  • Go beyond keyword matching
  • Increase both quality and quantity of candidates
  • Uncover hidden gems in candidates
  • Understand technologies clearly rather than haphazardly
  • Gain technical people's recognition and respect

I noticed DaVinci's drawings on the site. Why?

DaVinci was a master of both art and science, much like the best technical recruiters.


Questions and Support

Email is a great to get in touch. Drop us a line at geekology@jobfully.com You can also reach us at 708.689.9886

Mailing Address

Snail mail is so quaint. Send us something at: Geekology (a Jobfully company) 400 NW Gilman Blvd., #565 Issaquah, WA 98027

Media Inquiries

We'd be glad to provide expert insight into all aspects of technical recruiting, including:
  • Sourcing technical roles
  • Attracting technical talent
  • Career development for software talent
  • Candidate experience
  • Compensation and perks for geeks
  • Building high performing software teams
  • and more...