Technical Recruiting Prime

Training program combo: Technology Training Core + Technical Recruiting Strategies

GeekologyTM is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM. This program is valid for 10 SHRM Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM.

Understanding Your Engineering Team

  • + Software Development Fundamentals
  • + Different Roles on a Software Team
  • + The Tools and the Languages They Use

Working with Your Hiring Managers

  • + Decoding Technical Job Descriptions
  • + Setting up Productive In-take Meetings
  • + Effective Feedback and Calibration Loop

Sourcing and Assessing Technical Candidates

  • + Crafting Boolean Strings that Work
  • + Going beyond LinkedIn and Job Boards
  • + Evaluating Resumes and Screening Candidates

Technical Recruiting Prime is a complete training program that combines technology training and technical recruiting best practices. It's designed for talent acquisition professionals who want to make a business impact by solving the critical technical talent challenges faced by technology-driven organizations today.

This course will lay a solid foundation for understanding the inner working of software development teams, tools of the trade, and how technical people work individually and as a team. You’ll learn how to decode technical termsask revealing questions to hiring managers and candidates, and discover resources and best practices for technical recruiting. You can apply this knowledge immediately and make your recruiting easier and more productive.

This program meets four weeks in a row, in addition to two self-paced video lessons. Each week, we’ll have a 2-hour live session. Each live session consists of two parts: presentation of structured curriculum and an interactive workshop. Come prepared with the job descriptions and resumes you're working on. This is a small class, so everyone’s questions can be addressed.

Act Now. Here's Why

 + Find more high-quality candidates +

 + Go beyond keyword matching +

 + Implement best practices for competitive edge +

 + Gain trust and respect +

 + Build stronger partnership with engineering teams +

10 (out of 10). There were so many helpful take-aways and Mei was extremely knowledgeable. I liked the blend of how to effectively/efficiently recruit, as well as getting deep dives into the technology world.

- Emily Asbrock, Recruiting Manager, Hirewell

I was surprised as to how excited I was to put what I learned in action at the end of the sessions.

- Monique Adams, HR Business Partner, Union Bank

[Since taking the class,] it's been surprising how much we have started to refer back to this class or use the things that we have learned. This has been super helpful.

- Heather Carpenter, HR Generalist, INRIX

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Live online sessions:

5/23 and 5/30 (Thursdays) 10am-12pm Pacific Time / 1-3pm Eastern Time (2-hour sessions)

6/20 and 6/27 (Thursdays) 10am-1pm Pacific Time / 1-4pm Eastern Time (3-hour sessions)
Two self-paced lessons: Anytime, online