Technical Recruiting Strategies

+ Develop effective sourcing strategies and eficient execution plans +

+ Find candidates from best sources based on technical skills +

+ Maximal candidate results. Minimal sourcing time +

Training Topics Include:

Decoding Technical Job Descriptions

Designing Questions for Technical Assessment

Sourcing beyond LinkedIn and Job Boards

Improving Candidate Engagement

Technical Recruiting Strategies is designed for talent acquisition professionals who want to boost their recruiting and sourcing productivity.

This course will guide you through best practices in technical recruiting and sourcing that will give you better candidate results. You’ll learn how to decode technical terms on job descriptions, resumes, and candidate profiles. You will also know how to ask revealing questions to hiring managers and candidates, and discover new candidate sources. You can apply this knowledge immediately and make your recruiting easier and more productive.

During this training program, you will use a repeatable framework to objectively measure job-candidate fit, and develop a list of questions to help you gauge the technical competency of your candidates. Then, you'll learn how to source candidates from some newer websites, such as Github and StackOverflow, according to the target skills. Finally, we'll discuss how to develop compelling recruiting messages to increase candidate response and engagement.

This training program includes two 3-hour live sessions. Each session has two parts: presentation of structured curriculum and an interactive workshop. Bring a job description you're recruiting for and candidate resumes you're evaluating for the workshop discussion. We keep this class small, so everyone’s questions and needs can be addressed.

Act Now. Here's Why

 + Improve technical evaluation of candidates +

 + Find more high-quality candidates +

 + Implement best practices for competitive edge +

 + Go beyond LinkedIn and job boards +

 + Increase candidate response and engagement +

I enjoyed taking actual job descriptions and dissecting the skills and abilities needed and how to source the right candidates. I have and will continue to recommend [this program] to others.

- Jeff Scholosser, Director of Talent Aquisition, Branch Metrics

The different Boolean search methods were a refreshing change of pace and I've already implemented them into my daily sourcing strategies.

- Paul Luhrsen, Technical Recruiter, Hirewell

I'd recommend this program to others because it went over, in detail, everything a technical recruiter should know. Thank you, this was VERY helpful!!!

- Danielle Brown, HR Assistant, Open Roads Consulting

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Prerequisite: Technology Training Core

Next Session: 6/20 and 6/27 (Two Thurssdays)
10am-1pm Pacific Time / 1-4pm Eastern Time

Location: Online